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January 5th - Kansas Crossing Casino

Social hour begins at 5:00 pm - Dinner 6:00 pm


SEK Day on the Hill

February 7th - Topeka, Kansas


As an organization that serves many businesses throughout the Southeast Kansas region, we feel that it is important to showcase those types of businesses that we are so fortunate to have in our communities. This will help connect other businesses with one another, as well to allow other local communities to engage with one another to push our single goal of "12 counties, together stronger." SEK Inc. will be spotlighting members through-out the year. This month's spotlight focuses on a family owned business based out of Chanute, KS, that at one point started in a barn, and has grown into something very special. A.D.I. Inc. out of Chanute, specializes in a wide variety of customizable wire and harness distribution. They were recently awarded the Kansas SBDC 2020 business of the year!

Manufacturers/employers ForumS

The region’s diverse manufacturing base is key to our economy, supplying over one-third of our jobs. In March, 2003 the Manufacturers’ Forum (an independent association) merged with Southeast Kansas, Inc. to become "The Manufacturers’ Forum of SEK, Inc.” The merger heightens the awareness of the importance of manufacturing jobs, allows for a focused manufacturing legislative agenda, and provides monthly educational and networking sessions exclusively for the manufacturing industry, while relating to many other employer based needs. The power of our manufacturing industry and the organizational structure of Southeast Kansas, Inc. allow us to accomplish more --- TOGETHER!


There are simple and definite reasons why YOU should consider being a member of Southeast Kansas, Inc.


As the metropolitan communities in Kansas grow, so does their legislative power. We must act as one voice in order to compete and to be heard. SEK, Inc. represents the collective legislative voice of our region.

After the events of 9-11 there are more families exploring non-urban lifestyles. We are the only organization in Southeast Kansas which promotes a comprehensive package for our region. SEK, Inc. opens the door for potential new employers, employees, and families, allowing our individual communities to sell their hometown pride.

Central location, efficient transportation, and a productive, hard-working labor pool are the reasons for our diverse manufacturing base. SEK, Inc. is the voice for manufacturing/employers.

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