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about SEK INC.

Southeast Kansas, Inc. (SEK, Inc.)

Southeast Kansas, Inc. is a regional alliance of business leaders from a diverse economy. We represent manufacturing, retail, and service businesses along with county and city governments from 12 counties in Southeast Kansas - Allen, Anderson, Bourbon, Cherokee, Coffey, Crawford, Labette, Linn, Montgomery, Neosho, Wilson, Woodson.)


What do 12 counties of business leaders all have in common?

We want to enhance the economic climate of our region. Since the 1950’s, we have been working together to develop solutions for local and regional needs while retaining and growing value-added jobs in the region.

Southeast Kansas Inc. is a resource to help grow your network, your business, and the Southeast Kansas community we are all a part of. This is achieved by focusing on 5 key objectives - Legislative Voice, Transportation, Workforce Development, Economic Retention/Expansion, and Tourism.


“SEK, Inc. is moving to an employer / manufacturing centered position.
Our mission is to improve the labor participation rate in SEK and by so
doing, increase the available labor pool for our companies."


We seek to
increase the whole region’s employer presence in workforce development. 
We’re currently working with Greenbush and others to help give the
education community better access to our resources. Other areas of
emphasis include legislative issues, plant tours, cross company
collaboration, regulatory compliance and networking.


Legislative Voice - We represent the region on common legislative issues. We are your voice in Topeka. Together as one voice, our opinions are strong. Together we accomplish more! Every year our twelve county region mobilizes to have their voice heard as one. SEK Inc on the hill provides Southeast Kansas manufactures & employers the ability interact one on one with statewide and local politicians. This opportunity allows members to have their concerns and issues heard firsthand.


Transportation– We must fight for the transportation improvements needed in our region.  In general, transport projects that improve overall accessibility (i.e., they improve businesses ability to provide goods and services, and people's ability to access education, employment and services) and reduce transportation costs (including travel time, vehicle operating costs, road and parking facility costs, accident and pollution damages) tend to increase economic productivity and development. Together we can ensure that consistent funding for highway improvement continue forward for our region.


Workforce Development– Our region has the power to grow your business. Customized training and retraining programs are at our disposal with 6 community colleges and Pittsburg State University. SEK, Inc. fosters the coordination of training options. Workforce development is defined as collaboration between industry, government and education to prepare and enhance workers’ skills to meet current and future market demands enabling Southeast Kansas businesses to be competitive in local, national and international commerce.  A well-trained workforce not only accomplishes more, but brings more overall value to our communities!


Economic Retention and Expansion– While our individual communities are eager to sell their hometowns, there is a coordinated effort to promote the region collectively by proactively connecting with existing businesses to understand and respond to local business needs. Working together brings more opportunities to ensure businesses grow, stay, and become more committed to the community. By planting seeds of success locally and regionally, over time, a quality and targeted SEK Inc partnership improves the business operating climate, ensures competition remains healthy, provides quality jobs and employment opportunities, and assists in stabilizing the economy.

Tourism– When it comes to history, natural beauty, and hospitality, Southeast Kansas is the real experience. At the forefront of coordinating all of the great community festivals and recreational activities is Southeast Kansas Tourism Region (SEKTR). Discover all there is to see and do via their pages on our website. Community support is important for tourism, as it is an activity that affects the entire community. Economic benefits and costs of tourism reach virtually everyone in the region in one way or another. Tourism has a variety of economic impacts by contributing to sales, profits, jobs, tax revenues, and income in an area. Acting as one "destination location” together we accomplish more for our communities!


Patty Ann Sanborn

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